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Cottonseed oil is cooking oil from the seeds of cotton plants. Its bland flavor retains the taste of the food in which it is use Very stable with a ..
Rs 2,490
Made of superior quality sugarcaneSulphur free processNatural sweetnessUntouched by handPure & Hygienic..
Rs 270 Rs 209
This is a Vegetarian product.DELAbsorbs more waterNon-sticky doughSoft and tasty roties for longer time...
Rs 355 Rs 321
Sunflower oil is the oil pressed from the seeds of a sunflower. It more stable and suitable for high-temperature cooking,  ..
Rs 2,429
Skinned coated with edible OilLong shelf life, nutty and a bit sweet.Good in digestion and popular in Gujarati food and South Indian. ..
Rs 820 Rs 565

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