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Material:Plastic, Color:ClearPackage Contents:1-Piece RefillMost advanced refill, fits every All Out machinesMost advanced knockdown formulaKills mosquitoes causing dengue..
Rs 81 Rs 76.95
Kills dengue and malaria mosquitoes 30% fasterCovers entire roomHigh and low settings for adjustments coverageUnique thermal cut-off design..
Rs 134 Rs 127.30
Material: Plastic, Color: BluePackage Contents:1-Piece Heater with 2 RefillsBedtime protectionCovers the entire roomKills dengue and malaria mosquitoes..
Rs 150 Rs 142.50
Kills Dengue & Malaria mosquitoesLeaves a fresh, floral scentCompatible with All Out Ultra Power+ Slider & Fan Machines..
Rs 72 Rs 68.40
he liquid refill contains 50% more Activ Molecules which makes it 50% more powerful.It ensures low electricity consumption & a consistent release of the Power Activ+. Goodknight Power Activ+ System is absolutely safe to use around children and family...
Rs 72
Good Knight Advances Active Cartridge is best effective for closed places and doesn't smell heavy. It has dual-mode, which means, normal mode for usual mosquito trouble, Active+ Mode for heavy mosquito invasion. It twin pack provides extra night defence to your fam..
Rs 89 Rs 79
Goodknight Xpress System consists of a mosquito repellent cartridge (refill) and clip-on electronic machine. It comes with dual-mode advantage, normal mode when there are few mosquitoes & Xpress mode when there are many mosquitoes..
Rs 89 Rs 88
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