Rin Detergent Bar 250 gm (Pack of 4)

Rin Detergent Bar 250 gm (Pack of 4)

Rin Detergent Bar 250 g (Pack of 4)

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Rin Bar 4*250Gm

Introducing the new Rin Bar, where you can dress to advance with the promise of whiter and brighter clothing! Rin Bar provides you the self-assurance to shine every day of your life as you march forth on your path. In a single stroke, Rin Bar eliminates dirt from even the most difficult areas, such as cuff and color. To keep you feeling fresh all day, it also leaves your clothes with a lovely scent. Let your confidence radiate as brightly as your outfit when Rin Bar is by your side! The Rin Detergent Bar is very simple to use. Cleaning Guidelines for Vibrant Garments: Use a scrubber; use Rin Bar directly on filthy areas (one stroke is sufficient); soak garments in a basin of water

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