Sunfeast Moms Magic Cashew & Almond 584gm

Sunfeast Moms Magic Cashew & Almond 584gm

sunfeast-moms-magic- 600gm

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Sunfeast Moms Magic 584gm 

Unfeast on Mom's Dil Ka Tukda, Magic Cashew & Almond Biscuits! A delicious cookie with a flavor that is subtly balanced and a crispy texture. Finished with almond and cashew flakes for a visually appealing, opulent look. These biscuits are ideal as a teatime treat or as a midday snack, depending on when you feel like you could use a little something. You won't be able to stop eating these biscuits once you start to enjoy them. To keep them fresher for longer, they are prepared with the best ingredients and packaged hygienically. Thus, why do you delay? Now is the perfect time to purchase Sunfeast Mom's Magic Cashew & Almond Biscuits online!

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