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Waffers Chips

HIgh fibreZero trans fatReady to eat..
Rs 20 Rs 19
One of the tastiest wafers around that will make you come back for its irresistible fusion of sour cream, herbs and spring onionPair it with a cold drink and you are good to go.  It has authentic taste and made with handpicked ingredients...
Rs 35 Rs 34
It is a spicy flavoured potato for those who love potato chipsTastes good with chilled beverage during movie time..
Rs 35 Rs 34
Having a pleasant taste, especially one relating to the basic taste sensation induced by sugar.Give in to the sweet notes of tomato..
Rs 35 Rs 34
A mixture of fried potato wafers with a salted flavourThe true essence of potato wafers is the ideal combination of potato and saltDeep fried, crispy and delicious..
Rs 35 Rs 34
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